11 Common Greetings in Ladakh


First of all don’t you agree that knowing common greetings of a place we are visiting is a must? A traveler or a tourist will always have fear of being charged extra by shopkeepers, vendors and even at the hotels at a tourist place. So knowing few common greetings from the local language of that region will play a major role in avoiding such things.

The Ladakhi language also known as Bhoti is is the local language of Ladakh. It is a Tibetic language but varies from the standard Tibetic language. But the language is written in the same script as the standard Tibetic language. This language is also spoken in different variations with different tones and different features all across Ladakh depending upon the region the residents stay in. This language is spoken by approximately 200,000 speakers in India and an average 12,000 speakers in Tibet. It is not compulsory to speak Ladakhi when you visit this high-altitude desert, but it sure is appreciated and elicits those beautiful Ladakhi smiles.

If local terms are used they might think that this individual is a regular person over here which will alert and force them to step back from looting you with extra charges. The local crowd always gets cheered up if you speak to them in the language they are comfortable in and will be ready to help and serve you in the way you want. Therefore, Ladakh is a prime tourist place and the common greetings of the local’s from Ladakh might help visitors. So let’s take a look at few of the common greetings the local’s of Ladakh use.

Common Greetings in Ladakh :-


  • Hello – Ta-shi-de-Leh / Juley (Joo-lay)
  • Good morning – Nato Deleks
  • Good evening – Phitog Deleks
  • My name is ____ –  Nge mingla ____ in.
  • What is your name? – Nyerangi mingla chi in?
  • How are you? – Khe-rahng ku-su de-bo yin-peh
  • Help! – Saat tug hay!
  • Good bye – Kah-Leh shu
  • See you later – Teh Yong
  • Goodnight – Sim-jah nahng-go
  • Thank you – Thu-chi che


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