7 Things you should know before visiting Ladakh

Every time you visit a new place there are few things you should know before visiting. ‘Preparation is the key to success’ when is comes to visiting the most beautiful place in the world. Making proper planning will help you enjoy your trip to the depth. Planning can only be done once you know about the place you are visiting and plan according to it. Here we will see the 7 things you should know before visiting Ladakh.

7 Things you should know before visiting Ladakh :-



There are several ATM’s in the Leh market, including a J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) Bank ATM, a PNB (Punjab National Bank) ATM, and two SBI (State Bank of India) ATM’s. The SBI ATM’s are located on the crossroad where the Tibetan refugee camp is. While credit cards are accepted at some places, they are not accepted at some others. So carry a good amount of cash as well.



Prepaid mobile phones do not work in Leh. It is recommended to get a postpaid connection before venturing to the “roof of the world”. Also, connectivity is poor and you may not always get a signal, especially while you are on visit to places such as Nubra Valley or Pangong Tso. However, in case you need to connect to someone urgently, the PCO booths in Leh market can save the day for you.



A few hotels and cafes offer Wi-Fi connectivity in Leh but it’s of pretty poor quality. Connections are painfully slow and may go down for long hours. However, if you are in desperate need to be online, there are a number of internet cafes in the main market you can use. Again, the connection at these cafes is a bit on the slower side compared to other cities in India.



Drinking is not prohibited in Leh. However, self-discipline is strongly recommended while consuming liquor. Liquor causes dehydration and in Leh, it might mean headaches and acute nausea.



Ten percent of the bill as tip is more than enough at restaurants. Drivers can be tipped with Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 depending on the length of drive you undertake.


  • FOOD

The food available in Ladakh is cheap and healthy. In Ladakh always try the local food which is less spicy and less oily both at the same time. Most of the local food will be non-vegetarian so carry instant noodles or packed food if you are a vegetarian. It is not the case that vegetarian food is not available but the non-vegetarian options are wider comparatively. Carry and drink enough water whenever possible.



Ladakh is a place at a very high altitude. So the oxygen level is low compared to other places. A person must adapt to the process of acclimatizing and be careful about it. Visitors are suggested to drink lots of water and carry DIAMOX tablet and CAMPHOR tablet with them.

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