Kerala – God’s Own Country

Kerala is a state in South India situated on the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. It is known as the “God’s Own Country” because of the beauty of it’s verdant land strip along the Arabian coast of India. It in true sense is a small slice of paradise as it is strewn with rivers, lagoons and backwaters covered in coconut groves and flanked by sunny palm fringed beaches.

The Social Reforms in the late 19th century has taken Kerala to be ranked “3rd ” in the World for its healthiest, longest-lived, most gender-equitable and literate regions. It is one of the mood smoothing place even the silence of the sea can be heard. It is known as “A Land Of Coconuts” as the entire state consists of a large number of coconut trees at every short distance.

Then comes the delicious cuisine  consisting of “The SEAFOOD”. Locals in the state usually use their fingers to have their meals. Their meals are usually served in a fresh banana leaf being used as a plate which in turn surely leaves you with licking your fingers and asking for more as the saying goes in India “Asli Swaad Hato Se Khane Me Ata Hai”.

There is also a great community unity in the state and thus the Brahmins, the Nairs, the Thiyyas, the Ezhavas, the Muslims and the Christians have their own special dishes made on their festive occasions which is shared across different communities.

Tourists can explore the main attractions that are it’s “Fairs and Festivals” which includes “Onam, Thrissur Pooram, Christmas” and  also has a history in development of cultural traditions.

One of the most renowned dance forms in India i.e. classical dance form has been developed from  folk origins of Kathakali and Mohiniattam which are practiced in Kerala. Discover the cultural heritage of Kerala and experience it truly. An audio-visual colorful, the performing arts of Kerala have cast a magic spell on tourists from time immemorial.

Further, Individuals visiting Kerala can redefine the meaning of vacation with the Ayurveda Holidays since the Ayurveda  is widely practiced.

Kerala is a breathtaking place for relaxation. It gives the tourists an opportunity for participating into variety of amazing water sports which pumps up the mood of tourists with joy and happiness and that’s what makes Kerala one of the great tourism destination in India.


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